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May 22, 2021

Pollinator Park

Step into the unknown and discover what our world would look like without pollinating insects


Do you remember a time when the sky was filled with birds and bees, and colourful fruit grew from the trees? Did that world cease to exist, or did you simply cease to notice it?

Europe 2050 – Following a cascade of ecological crises, our world has been deprived of pollinating insects, healthy ecosystems and wealthy flora. Amidst this dystopian landscape lies a lavish green beacon of hope: Dr. Beatrice Kukac’s Pollinator Park, a safe haven for pollinators and an eye-opener for its visitors.

The European Commission’s Pollinator Park offers a mesmerising glimpse into the bleak future without pollinating insects, and a powerful wake-up call to humanity to repair its broken bond with nature. Designed in collaboration with the world renowned ‘archiobiotect’ Vincent Callebaut, this 30-minute interactive and emotionally engaging virtual reality experience immerses you in a futuristic world where man and nature co-exist in harmony, hoping to change your perspective and help turn the tide of pollinator decline.


Europe is home to an amazing variety of insects that pollinate crops and wild plants. This variety is essential to keep nature healthy and maintain our wellbeing. These pollinators, however, are in serious decline. This loss is a serious cause for concern, as around four in five crop and wild flowering plant species in the EU depend in part at least on animal pollination. Without pollinators, many plant species would decline and eventually disappear, presenting a major risk for nature and our own existence.
In 2018, the Commission recognised the urgent need to act on the decline of pollinators at EU level, and launched the first-ever EU initiative to tackle the problem. The protection of pollinators has been further strengthened through the European Green Deal, including the EU Biodiversity Strategy, the Farm to Fork Strategy and the coming Zero Pollution Action Plan making significant contributions to halt and reverse the loss of pollinators.

The Commission is currently reviewing the EU Pollinators Initiative, with a view to further strengthening actions to reverse the decline of these precious insects. It is aiming for wide societal engagement in this process during the second half of this year.


May 22, 2021

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