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April 27, 2021 @ 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm IST

Biodiversity Means Business: Industry

Event Date: 27th April, 2021 | 14:30-17:30 INDIAN TIME


Better management of biodiversity and ecosystems has become an economic development opportunity for EU and India because firms, States, investors and consumers in the EU and around the world are increasingly focussing on biodiversity impacts and biodiversity risks. New technics and innovative practices can be –socially, economically- adapted to the context in which they are implemented with due consideration for pre-existing and traditional practices, so as to secure the lasting support of affected communities. Some EU and Indian companies are walking the talk and will share lessons on whether and how green growth strategies (such as the EU Green Deal) can become profitable, and could be adapted further to the Indian context.

Future-proof Biodiversity Management should (ideally) ...
  • Open access to higher value/high growth domestic and international market segments;
  • Open up new and fair opportunities for domestic private investment (from multinational corporations, to smaller, local supply chains partners);
  • Open up new opportunities for foreign, private and public impact finance (i.e. willing to accept lower rates of return or higher risks to capture environmental co-benefits);
  • Simultaneously enhance the natural capital underpinning rural economic activity, and increase its socio-economic potential;
  • Be enabled, incentivised and followed-up in terms of stable, predictable governance and institutional capacities;
  • Be transparent, i.e. objectively and comprehensively benchmarked towards emerging goals, with reference to realistic baselines;
  • Allow Indian and European firms to secure and scale-up these potential benefits by being first-movers in:
    • Supporting piloting and scaling of existing proof-of-concept initiatives for landscape restoration, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and livelihood – focused on exchanging knowledge and real technology deployment, business and investment opportunities in India,
    • Supporting the use of digital technologies to communicate the added market value of biodiversity co-benefits to investors, corporate purchasers and consumers,
    • Supporting international co-operation to create the frameworks and standards that ease access to added value markets and investment flows.

How well do current practices and initiatives fare in relation to those aspirations? Could EU and India set better policies and enabling conditions to expedite such a green economic transition?

Let’s find out from EU and Indian frontrunners!

Event Goals

Biodiversity means BusinessIndustry will present and illustrate:

a)      The growing scale of the economic and market opportunities from better biodiversity management,

b)      scalable investment possibilities (in India) that could be tapped to improve and facilitate initial technology access, then rolled out as business opportunities arise,

c)      concrete benefits of international co-operation to create the enabling frameworks Indian businesses need to become more attractive to responsible buyers and investors,

d)      the significant difference better business practices can make for local communities, biodiversity and ecosystem services,  

e)      enabling factors (finance, capacity, research, innovation and technology) to be considered,

f)       and practical examples of projects that demonstrate the feasibility of profitable business based approaches.

Participants are invited to read and reflect on the “Discussion Document” (see “Discussion Documents button”, below), and to contribute their own ideas/suggestions and background material.

The questions and debate (under Chatham House Rule, i.e. participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of speakers) will then be reflected and consolidated into an “Outcome Document”, meant to inform future policy and business dialogues on the matter. The audience will also be invited to ask and up-vote questions via sli.do Please already download the sli.do App or bookmark sli.do if you want to take part in the discussion, thanks!

Want to put better biodiversity management in your business practices?

The training program below is a (free!) opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs to learn and hone skills to measure and value your business’ impacts and dependencies on natural, social and human capital. Guiding you through each stage of the TEEBAgriFood Operational Guidelines, this program will arm you with the knowledge to identify the risks and opportunities associated with your business’ interaction with the capitals, and learn how to integrate and apply these considerations into your business decision making.

By participating in the training program, you will:

  • Gain essential tools to future-proof your business, free of charge
  • Carry out a capitals assessment on a particular area/subject of relevance to your (case study) and build baseline evidence
  • Be part of and interact with a international network of businesses and expert practitioners
  • Have the opportunity to showcase your case study and work to an international group of frontrunners

The program is split into four consecutive sessions, and it is essential that you participate in all four to be part of this network of learning. Each of the session will build on the previous one:

Throughout this program, participating businesses will be invited and supported to carry out a capitals assessment of any area of their business (based on their choice and need). Our experienced team will work closely with participants to support this process; between sessions we will review your progress in applying a capitals approach to your chosen business case, and be available regularly during virtual office hours to answer your questions. 


April 27, 2021
2:30 pm - 5:30 pm IST


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