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Biodiversity Anthem by Ricky Kej


Keeping the status quo or the retrieval of Biodiversity is necessary for a sustainable development of the mankind in the future. One challenge to make progress on this goal is the connection of world-class science on global level with regional leading visionary protagonists to achieve results where they can be created, on local level.

Mario Schieck

Founder & Director, Aurea Systems GmbH (Mycozoom)

“We are going through a humanitarian crisis. We do not know much about the extent of disruption- loss to livelihoods, number of girls who will be married early, millions of days in terms of lost productivity. There will be a bigger role for firms such as Outline India to play – to enable our partners to understand status quo, to figure the need for certain social programs and to plan for a better future, using data and the opinions of people”

Prerna Mukharya

Founder, Outline India

We need an ecosystem of trust to conserve our natural ecosystems!

Rishabh Khanna

Chief Impact Officer, Earthbanc

Covid is also the result of our failure to balance our relationship with our natural environment. Investing in “building back better”, protecting the environment and biodiversity will be critical for the global economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and for preventing the next outbreak. The international community needs to act cohesively and consistently. The EU and India can play an important role in shaping the global agenda.

H.E. Ugo Astuto

Ambassador of the European Union

Biodiversity is a core priority of the EU’s external action: European Union is ready to show high ambition to halt and where possible reverse biodiversity loss, to lead the world by example and by action.

Michael Bucki

Counsellor, Head of Section | Delegation of the European Union to India

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